Nights in Vienna

red pianoWe passed by lots of rooms that looked like center for music study, one of them had a huge tapestry on the wall with Mozart’s figure in it; from an half opened window we could hear a fine sound of violins breaking the air, we took a deep breath, closed our eyes, we felt as if Mozart himself was right there performing just for the two of us. I embraced her and as our bodies became one, we waltzed in slow motion, as the music progressed I dropped her on top of a covered piano, looking right into her eyes, she was devouring me with her kindled blue eyes biting her own lips, she sat there with her opened legs revealing the most beautiful instrument; the violins continued their opus, I felt like a musician myself, and indeed I was the soloist of that symphony, I got my baton out and conducted her feminine orchestration to its glory; she held me tight pressing her body against mine, and together we composed our own sonata.


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