Poetry Days


I am standing here.
I am standing over there,
                                       it doesn’t matter.hearts_of_space
Here or there,
                      I am nowhere;
I am just standing by,
                                 I am waiting.
I don’t know for how long though,
even if it takes a million of solitaire games,
I’ll strike the keys,
I’ll play the game,
I’ll continue to survive,
I know at some point I will strike into the future,
that future that mysteriously will be also the past,
before stopping by to be the present,
     my steps won’t stumble into another failure of progress.
I’ll continue to stand,
another game,
                       ace of hearts,
heart of hearts,
                        no matter what,
no matter what game,
    a new face in the morning,
solitaire nights were made for stronger men,
only for those that understand the necessity of being alone,
just grieving the moment itself,
because life is still promoting the mystery,
the mystery of every single breath we take.

Eddie de Abreu, New York – 12/25/99


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